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Its a hard life

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The band is rehearsing for a very special birthday party coming up at The View in Hove. There will be lots of reasons to celebrate at this event, so we are determined to get everyone on the dance floor from the start. It will be the first time we have played here, and we are looking forward to it.

We are planning a studio session over the summer to get some good recordings for our new website, and also organising some film of us playing. Ray, our harmonica player, has been guesting on some recording studio sessions recently – getting contributions for his next American music road trip no doubt.

But before that, we have our next public gig is at The Rialto Club in Brighton on June 28th. We are working on some new songs to add to our increasing repertoire, maybe inching towards the 1980’s with a couple of great numbers like Brass in Pocket and It’s Got to Be Perfect.

Holidays are a minor distraction with various members of the band disappearing off intermittently. How dare they? We will need to plan band holiday dates to ensure we don’t end up again rehearsing with the bass player also pedalling the bass drum – who know Paul was so ambidextrous! You will be seeing him down East Street next with a mouth organ and squeeze box under his elbow, as well as the Fender and bass drum.

Its a hard life, but only Rock and Roll and we like it.

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